What makes the DPNF area special? Through the eyes of our young community members …

At the York Rise Street Party in September Catherine Wells organised a photo competition for young photographers aged between 7 and 14 who live and travel to school in the area. The challenge was to capture what makes the Dartmouth Park area SPECIAL …

We were delighted with the results as the observations by our young community members really touched on things that we all love about the very special nature of Dartmouth Park.

‘I love the area because there are lots of fun things to do.’ Hampstead Heath paddling pool by Iris Castell

‘What makes Dartmouth Park special is being so close to the Heath and being able to share its spectacular views, scenery and nature.’ On Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath by Katy Hermer

‘I like living in Dartmouth Park because we are so close to town and I can see the Shard and the BT Tower from my window.’ Sam Carolan


‘I love Dartmouth Park because all my friends live in the area.’ Portrait of the ‘Sandwich Man’ on Swain’s Lane by Maia Mussan



‘Dartmouth Park is both beautiful and has a good feeling of history.’ Rose garden by Sanam Shah


‘A great thing about Dartmouth Park is that people who live here take such good care of the tree pits that they are like mini gardens.’ Mini gardens on Laurier Road by Matildo Minto


‘I think that Dartmouth Park is special because of the varied, vivid foliage effortlessly twirling itself round the old iron gates.’ On Dartmouth Park Road by Sasha Mesquita



‘I love Dartmouth Park because I love the flowers round the trees.’ by Pheobe Ogilvie









‘I like living in Dartmouth Park because I can run down the hill.’ by Dora Carolan


‘My photo of Dartmouth Park, shows the old and the new and even on a cloudy day the sun shines through.’ By Maisy M


‘Because it is famous!’ the Dartmouth Arms by Freddie Mirams

‘I like Dartmouth Park because of the greenery. The trees and plants make York Rise really stand out against all the other streets.’ Photos by Rufus Ogilvie