Policies from the Consultation Draft

Design and Character

    • Policy DC1 Enhancing the sense of place


    • Policy DC2 Heritage assets


  • Policy DC3 Requirement for good design
  • Policy DC4 Small residential developments


    • Policy H1 Meeting housing need


    • Policy H2 Affordable housing


  • Policy H3 Accessible housing


  • Policy CM1 Community facilities

Neighbourhood Centres and Employment

    • Policy CE1 Supporting Neighbourhood Centres


    • Policy CE2 Intensification of Neighbourhood Centres


  • Policy CE4 Supporting employment activities
  • Policy CE5 Character of Neighbourhood Centres

Environment and Sustainability

    • Policy ES1 Green and open spaces


    • Policy ES2 Trees


    • Policy ES3 Biodiversity


  • Policy ES4 Energy efficiency

Transport and Streets

    • Policy TS1 Safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists


    • Policy TS2 Cycling improvements
    • Policy TS3 Traffic reduction

Specific Neighbourhood Sites


    • Policy SNS1 Community engagement