Evidence Base

DPNF activities 2012 to September 2015 Summary by Christopher Harrison

Engagement process 

Evidence base requirements

DPNF Basic Conditions Statement v2

DPNF Consultation Statement v2

DPNF Evidence Base (external)

2011 Census DPNPA page 4

2011 Census KS & QS DPNF page 2

2011 Census KS QS Profile for Dartmouth Park NPA (best fit) VALS

2011 Census Analysis

2011 Census DPNPA page 4

150731 Evidence Base (Planning Aid) (mostly Cam policies)

150827 Evidence Base (Planning Aid)

160401 Camden Policy review document

Acc 1314 detailed report all collisions

Acc 1314 detailed report cyclists

Acc 1314 detailed report peds

Acc1314 layout cyclists only

Acc1314 layout peds only

Briefing note for Evidence Gathering (vols)-2


Evidence base requirements

DPNF Hampstead Heath 10-10-15

Hampstead Heath with CoL comments 151201

2012 Steering Group Events

Notes from York Rise stall 16-9-12

Notes from Highgate Rd, Sanderson Cl, Carrol Cl 10-11-12

DPNF COMMITTEE meeting 1 actions v2

2013.2.2 – Feedback (Winifrede & Faraday)

2013.2.3 – Feedback ( Denyer)

Steering group events 2012

DPEEPG web version final Dec 2012

2013 Events and Engagement

POSTER for 6 FEB Public Meeting

DPNF Consultation and engagement subgroup 1 11May13

2013.6.13 – Walkabout (Bull and Last route)

2013.6.13 – Walkabout (Southampton Arms route)

2013.6.13- Walkabout (Star route)

Walkabout  June 2013

DARTMOUTH PARK walkabout bubble final

DPNF walkabout poster June 2013 consultation responses

Engagement Plan (draft 8.10.13)


York Rise Street Party Evidence Gathering September 2013

Ambassador Q&A doc v.2 13.10.23

Event Photos 30 November 2013

Air Quality Highgate Report 2013 by the Green Party

Councillor Sian Berry prepared a report on Air Quality in Highgate as a result of a 2013 study looking at traffic speed and monitoring data and can be download  via the link:


And the follow up study over a wider area is on this map here:


2014 DPNF Engagement Activities and Events

Workshops 2014

Murphys yard visit September 2014

DPNF_Whittington 070914

Whittington Estate consultation September 2014

York Rise street party September 2014

DPNF_Chetwynd_Road_Board 3

Ellen Gates walkabout review v1.1 14.12.7

Mansfield Road exhibition boards July 2014

AGM presentation 2014

ASF Garage Dec 14 community meeting

Camden Biodiversity Action Plan 2013-18


community air monitoring app


Engagement Responses by Theme


Local Centres workshop 160614


2015 DPNF Engagement activities

DPNF AGM 2015 POSTER email v2

DPNF AGM 2015 POSTER v2 low res

DPNF engagement brief July 2015 v2

DPNF engagement brief July 2015 v2

DPNF engagement brief Nov 15


Draft Consultation plan

Make Good Community Engagement

Make Good PopUp 1 HL:HNCC 2

Make Good Pop Up Whittington

Make Good_Fresh Youth Academy

Make Good Final pop up

Business Drop In

Community Feedback

MWP comments on environment policies Jan 2016

Community Assets compiled by Chris Harrison

Camden Air Action

Further work has been via Camden Air Action whose reports and mapping are here, although they only present interactive type maps:

Wider study: https://camdenairaction.wordpress.com/2016/08/05/check-out-pollution-levels-in-your-neighbourhood-with-citizen-science/

School Study 2017

Schools study this year: https://camdenairaction.wordpress.com/2017/02/20/schools-monitoring-project-spring-2017/



catherine’s photo comp

chetwynd rd


crossroad chetwynd:gospeloak


dartmouthpark streets

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