In the Spring of 2016 the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum commissioned make:good – a community engagement and design studio – to work with residents in the area to pose the following questions:

  • What do you love about the area in which you live?
  • What you feel could be improved and made better?
  • Where your priorities for the future of Dartmouth Park lie with regards to : 

Design and Character


Centres and Employment

Environment and Sustainability

Transport and Streets


  • How do you think that sites across Dartmouth Park that could be improved or enhanced?

make:good worked with TRA groups, schools and businesses and listened to the community views about the future of Dartmouth Park. The information and insight they collected will go towards informing The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan – a document which will be submitted to the Council, and will be used to express community views on the area and steer potential future developments.

make:good’s final report on their findings can be downloaded here DPNF Report by make:good 2016

Image of Engagement Tools