Encounter : Highgate New Town with Fabian Watkinson

London is full of modernist architecture, from the hidden and private, to the big and public. Not all of it is understood, some is hated. Slowly attitudes are changing, and more of us now appreciate postwar buildings. Presented by John Escolme and Judy Matheson, Encounter, the architectural history radio series, explores the work of the architects responsible for these buildings, giving them a voice to talk about what they created and why.


Programme 3 : Highgate New Town
Creating a modern interpretation of the traditional street became something of a mantra for architects working for Camden Borough Architects Department in the 60s and 70s, and in this special edition of Encounter, John Escolme and Judy Matheson return to Camden Borough to take a tour of Highgate New Town. Fabian Watkinson discusses the changing fortunes of council housing in the area.


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