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The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum holds regular monthly meetings.

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You will appreciate that as volunteers, we have limited resources to respond to individual comments.

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8 thoughts on “Get in touch

  1. Henrietta Nasmyth

    I enjoyed the meeting too but I did think the committee would be better classing the ASF garage as ‘retro’ & getting it protected, if it gets knocked down the council will only begin a process of attrition until it can sandwich in a hundred ‘residential units’…

    1. Kelly Pawlyn

      Dear Henritta,

      Thank you for your message.

      Everyone who lives in the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Area is automatically am member of the Forum. If you would like to join the committee, attend meetings and promote the work in the community, there are two places remaining.

      Please let us know where you live and what area of the policy document you would like to contribute too.

      With kind regards,

      Kelly Pawlyn

    2. Kelly Pawlyn

      Dear Henrietta,

      Thank you for coming along to the meeting and for your words of support. You will appreciate that as volunteers, we have limited resources to respond to individual comments. We are grateful for your feedback and will be considering it with the Committee in our review of the current draft plan.

      With best wishes,

      Kelly Pawlyn

  2. judy

    Please can you send me an email address so I can invite a representative from the DPMF to a Community vision workshop about Hampstead Heath ,

  3. Geoff Demprunt

    Dear Sirs,
    I am surprised that Murphy’s is following the other Utilities firms up the A1 and hope it will still provide opportunities for local people

    As someone with an interest in GOBLIN, I see a huge opportunity to pay for a new or modified 4 Platform Station at Gospel Oak, sensitively woven into the site.

    The indications within the Policy Framework , lead me to believe either the anticipated s106 money is being allocated for more than this scheme or that Camden Council , have yet to be approached to partially fund.

    In this busy World a Click and Collect Waitrose or Aldi, could also help achieve this community necessity and improve travel and connectivity from Upper Holloway to Hampstead Heath. It would be a catalyst for small independent Traders and Busineses in the mixed use Development .

    Reopening Juction Road with Station Funds from the same Pot as Lea Bridge Road and Islington Council would also improve and replace arduous Bus Journeys.

  4. Mafe

    Hi, I wanted to ask neighbours if they were interested in getting a bike hangar, we could make a petition to Camden Council if we had more than 6 residents interested, and it looks like this:

    There are a few bike stands in York Rise, but it is quite busy there, also the bikes are exposed to vandalism (my friend got her bike spray painted when she left it next to the church in Dartmouth Park Hill). The bike hangar offers an extra layer of security for those who can’t get their bikes in their flats and potentially make neighbours use them more frequently.


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