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Join the DPNF at the York Rise Party on Sunday 11/09

York Rise Street Party

The DPNF will be joining the action at the annual York Rise Street Party where we will be available to discuss the First Draft Plan that was published in July and is now open for feedback from the Dartmouth Park community. The York Rise Party is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all that is great in the area and have your say in what you hope will bring positive changes for the future.

See you at York Rise on Sunday 11th September!

All the very best,

The DPNF Committee

Encounter : Highgate New Town with Fabian Watkinson

London is full of modernist architecture, from the hidden and private, to the big and public. Not all of it is understood, some is hated. Slowly attitudes are changing, and more of us now appreciate postwar buildings. Presented by John Escolme and Judy Matheson, Encounter, the architectural history radio series, explores the work of the architects responsible for these buildings, giving them a voice to talk about what they created and why.


Programme 3 : Highgate New Town
Creating a modern interpretation of the traditional street became something of a mantra for architects working for Camden Borough Architects Department in the 60s and 70s, and in this special edition of Encounter, John Escolme and Judy Matheson return to Camden Borough to take a tour of Highgate New Town. Fabian Watkinson discusses the changing fortunes of council housing in the area.


Encounter is broadcast across London on 104.4 FM on arts station ‘Resonance’ and online at
The programmes can be heard again after each broadcast at
where you can also listen to the first series of the programme

Engagement: Whittington Estate Outdoor Pop up

Whittington Estate

make:good held a pop up event on Whittington Estate on Thursday 10th of March. They spoke a number of residents from the estate and surrounding area, and asked them ‘what do you love about where you live?’

They also talked to residents about any issues or ideas they have about making their community a better place to live. As the pop up took place from 3pm, they got the chance to speak to children coming home from school and found out about their priorities and hopes for the estate and Dartmouth Park. Some of the topics that came up were:

 -More for teenagers to do and get involved in

-One of the younger residents suggested opening a sweet shop

-A lot of residents spoke of the importance of community and preserving that community by finding ways in which people can grow as a family but still afford to stay in the area.

make:good will be popping up at Whittington Estate again after Easter and they hope to speak to more of you. You may also contact them on 0203 735 76 29 or email Diana –

Engagement : Highgate Library and Highgate Newton Community Centre (HNCC) Pop Ups

hncc and highgate library

make:good recently popped up at Highgate Library and the HNCC where they asked various library goers ‘What do you love about where you live?’ They spoke to a number of parents who were attending the rhyme time session and toddlers dance and drum classes and heard about the different activities on offer to parents with young children. The residents they spoke to love their community facilities and want to see them retained.

make:good also spoke to residents about existing facilities in the area that they would like to see enhanced or improved in some way and heard suggestions such as:

-Using some of the green spaces to programme activities for teenagers and youth groups in the area

-Improving the 3 Point Park playground facilities by Whittington Estate

-Opening up and offering a range of shops on the ground floor of the Chester Balmor development 

make:good will be collecting all the information they hear and putting it towards a report that will inform the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan- a document which will be submitted to the Council, and will be used to express community views on Dartmouth Park, and steer potential future developments..