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100 communities vote to adopt Neighbourhood Plans

A milestone for Localism wasPutting power back into the hands of the community reached this week when over 100 communities across the UK voted to take over development and planning powers in their local areas by adopting neighbourhood plans.

“Neighbourhood planning puts power back into the hands of people, instead of elected representatives, and gives them collective clout to really shape where they live for the benefit of the people who live there.” Tony Armstrong, chief executive Locality

Neighbourhood plans were introduced in the 2011 Localism Act, providing communities with the opportunity to have their say on how their local area develops.

Locality said it had so far supported over 1,000 communities to develop neighbourhood plans, with the help of £6.7 million in government grants so far.

The DPNF committee are currently editing the policy report for Dartmouth Park that has been compiled following a 2 years consultation period. The document is due for publication at the start of 2016.

Community protest at Highgate Studio Pool

Community protest to save local swimming pool

Community protest to save local swimming pool

Debbie Humphrey has got in touch with the DPNF to put out a call to save a swimming pool in Dartmouth Park.

‘We are protesting again the closure of the pool which PureGym plan to do – they have just bought a chain of LA Fitness clubs all around London including this Highgate one.  We would be really delighted if anyone from the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum was able to support this campaign, either in a personal capacity or as a representative of the Forum. The pool is enjoyed by many but we are particularly concerned about its loss on people with health issues who struggle to use other forms of exercise, such as people with MS, arthritis, weight and mobility problems  – also older people and those recovering from injuries. The pool is particularly well suited for teaching children and remedial swimming (such as  ‘walking the pool’ ) and for learning and less confident swimmers  –  due to its size and shallowness (you can stand up in it).’ Debbie Humphrey

PLEASE come to our protest this Saturday 10th Oct 10am to stop pool closure: 53-79 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1TL Map –

To sign the petition, see the link here : Save Our Pool

Kentish Town to Kenwood by AY Architects

A project by AY Architects, exploring ideas for a new public landscape in the heart of Kentish Town.

A project by AY Architects, exploring ideas for a new public landscape in the heart of Kentish Town.

AY Architects’ concept for a new public landscape that will link the heart of Kentish Town to the Heath via a green corridor is now featured on their website.

‘Key to our proposal is the creation of a large town square, extending over the railway opposite Kentish Town Station. The new square will enjoy long views and much-loved panoramic scenes of sunsets and moonrises to the north-west. It will become a meeting place, a destination.’

Yeoryia Manolopoulou, AY Architects

In the scheme, visitors will be encouraged to walk from the square through a series of interlinked paths and community spaces that run along the railway, past the Kentish Town City Farm and onto Parliament Fields at Gospel Oak. Cycle routes and pedestrian bridges are proposed to link Regis Road and the Murphy site – creating quality open air spaces and community amenities.

The scheme imagines future development on the Murphy site and proposes ‘sustainable strategies’ that will protect the biodiversity of the area by the expansion of green corridors. Low output smart urban lighting, powered by solar and kinetic energy are also featured.

The project is supported by members of the Kentish Town Neighbourhood Forum and was presented at the DPNF AGM in June.

A more detailed description can be found here : ‘Kentish to Kenwood’