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Join the DPNF at the York Rise Party on Sunday 11/09

York Rise Street Party

The DPNF will be joining the action at the annual York Rise Street Party where we will be available to discuss the First Draft Plan that was published in July and is now open for feedback from the Dartmouth Park community. The York Rise Party is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all that is great in the area and have your say in what you hope will bring positive changes for the future.

See you at York Rise on Sunday 11th September!

All the very best,

The DPNF Committee

Engagement: Parliament Hill Farmers’ Market and York Rise

Parliament Hill

On Saturday the 19th of March, make:good popped up at Parliament Hill farmers market where they got the chance to speak to a number of residents from Dartmouth Park and surrounding areas. Located in front of the doggy crèche at the entrance to the market, they found out what people love about the area, and what people would like to change. A lot of the residents held strong views on the protection of the heath and the accessibility of the area for cyclists.

After the market the pop up was moved to the bottom of York Rise at the estates by the railway. Although much more quiet than the market, they managed to speak to a number of council tenants. Some of the issues raised included:

Worry about the increasing house prices

Opening up the well loved Dartmouth Arms again

Having more grass on the estate and more green space to play

If you missed the make:good pop up and have something you would like to share about the Dartmouth Park area, please feel free to get in touch with make: good on 0203 735 7629 or email-

Engagement: Whittington Estate Outdoor Pop up

Whittington Estate

make:good held a pop up event on Whittington Estate on Thursday 10th of March. They spoke a number of residents from the estate and surrounding area, and asked them ‘what do you love about where you live?’

They also talked to residents about any issues or ideas they have about making their community a better place to live. As the pop up took place from 3pm, they got the chance to speak to children coming home from school and found out about their priorities and hopes for the estate and Dartmouth Park. Some of the topics that came up were:

 -More for teenagers to do and get involved in

-One of the younger residents suggested opening a sweet shop

-A lot of residents spoke of the importance of community and preserving that community by finding ways in which people can grow as a family but still afford to stay in the area.

make:good will be popping up at Whittington Estate again after Easter and they hope to speak to more of you. You may also contact them on 0203 735 76 29 or email Diana –