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Camden Community Infrastucture

When new building projects take place in Camden, the developers are usually charged a fee known as the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).  In Camden, 25% of this levy is spent in the local area on local infrastructure that addresses the impacts of new development.  Some time ago, we agreed CIL spending priorities with our councillors and the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum (who share Camden’s Highgate Ward with us) but now the Council are updating that list and undertaking a public consultation.  Camden wants to hear your views by 12 November. So please go to the Camden Consultation page and give them your suggestions for infrastructure projects in the Dartmouth Park area.


A wide variety of infrastructure can be funded with CIL funds.  If you need some ideas, the draft Neighbourhood Plan contains a proposed list of priorities for application of CIL funds: 

  • Hard and soft landscape plan and implementation for the area in front of the shops on Highgate Road close to Parliament Hill Surgery.
  •  Highway, hard and soft landscape plan for future implementation, based on cycle and vehicular traffic flow next to Gospel Oak Station. Purpose to improve pedestrian, cycle and traffic flow, and to enhance sense of arrival and Heath like characteristic. 
  • Removal of the telephone box on the junction of Croftdown and St Albans Road. Remodelling of road to create a new ‘peninsular’ and new soft planting. 
  • New hard and soft landscape design and highway improvements to York Rise to include cycle parking and bin enclosure/shelters. 
  • Develop with consultants a well-defined lighting strategy for the local area to prevent over-lighting and glare and to protect the natural characteristics of the local area.
  • Traffic calming and hard and soft landscaping in front of Brookfield Primary school entrance.
  • Public toilet close to Swain’s Lane bus stand.
  • Improved cycle routes integration in consultation with local cycling groups. For example dropped kerb at junction between Grove Terrace and Chetwynd Road to allow cycle left turn.
  • Provision of increased on street bicycle parking in Lissenden Gardens, Chester Balmore, York Rise, Gordon House Road and Chetwynd Road.
  • Community notice Board at i) Library or HNCC, ii) Highgate enclosures close to bus stop.
  • Sign post at the junction of Highgate Road and Gordon House Road sign- posting Gospel Oak Station, the Heath, Hampstead and Highgate.
  • Improved cemetery gates and exit from Highgate Cemetery onto Chester Road. 

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Have your say on Camden’s Clean Air Action Plan

We all have a role to play in improving air quality in Camden, that’s why we’re asking you to help develop our Clean Air Action Plan.

During our Camden 2025 community conversations you told us that air quality is vitally important, with participants in particular asking that we work together to improve the air that we share.

With this in mind, we launched our Camden Clean Air Partnership in July, bringing together residents, local businesses and campaigners for a ‘Design Day’, exploring practical ideas for air quality improvement.

Key themes covered on the Design Day included:

  1. Transport emissions
  2. Construction and development emissions
  3. Public health and awareness raising
  4. Delivery, servicing and freight
  5. Communities and schools
  6. What can you do to help improve local air quality

Now we’re opening the discussion wider with a new website where you can have your say. We’re keen to capture as many of your voices as possible to help us develop our Clean Air Action Plan which will launch next year.

Read the full details of actions from the design day and join the conversation by Sunday 30 September.

To leave your feedback visit

We look forward to hearing from you.

Ana Ventura
Senior Sustainability Officer (Air Quality)

Safer cycle routes for everyone

Air Monitoring on Highgate Road

Reduce traffic on residential streets