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DPNF Plan submitted to Camden January 2019

Following five years of consultation and development with and by members of the local community the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Camden.  The next steps are a formal 6 week consultation by the Council, followed later in the year by an independent examination and local referendum.

Please see links to the Consultation document and appendices below:

DPNF Plan Submission Draft (23.01.19)

DPNF Basic Conditions Statement (23.01.19)

DPNP Consultation Statement (23.01.19)

Appendix 1 – Walkabout June 13

Appendix 2 street party 13

Appendix 3 Pre-xmas gathering Nov 13

Appendix 4 Engagement Responses by Theme 2014

Appendix 5 makegood lowres

Appendix 6 Murphys ParlyParty 17

Appendix 7 – Reg 14 Comments

Appendix 8 Response to Camden Reg 14 Comments