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Join the DPNF at the York Rise Party on Sunday 11/09

York Rise Street Party

The DPNF will be joining the action at the annual York Rise Street Party where we will be available to discuss the First Draft Plan that was published in July and is now open for feedback from the Dartmouth Park community. The York Rise Party is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all that is great in the area and have your say in what you hope will bring positive changes for the future.

See you at York Rise on Sunday 11th September!

All the very best,

The DPNF Committee

Mansfield Neighbours Group would like new responses to planning application appeal

Circulated to the DPNF by Mariachiara Corazza

Mansfield Bowling Club appeal – PLEASE RESPOND – before Friday 26th Aug!

You may not be aware… but despite our great victory in January 2016, of having the Mansfield Bowling Club’s inappropriate residential plans rejected by Camden Council, they have appealed.

URGENT – please send you renewed objections in to Camden before end FRIDAY 26th AUGUST 2016

Ref: Mansfield Bowling Club NW5 – 2015/1444/ P
case officer
direct telephone 020 79743500

Objections can be:
– site is designated for leisure use: we call on Camden to protect sport/leisure sites, once lost, they are lost forever
– MBC have not done enough research into viable sporting alternatives for the site. Our own research shows that there is huge demand for indoor leisure facilities, Camden’s own Olympic run fencing school needs a new home, trampoline parks are a rising phenomenon, and anyone who has had to queue at dawn to get their child a place on the Talacre gym class will know how oversubscribed they are.
– MBC have not made a good case for crowding the site with a dense development of luxury housing, this is not an enabling development, it is a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.
– MBC have designed the site so that once the houses are built the ‘open space’ they claim to be offering, can be closed off from the local community
– MBC claim to offer to develop the Kenlyn tennis club as part of their plan, but they have made no binding commitments to stand by this, it is deeply suspicious that they have not put any structure in place to manage the tennis club after development.Could it be that they plan to change the planning use to residential, then sell the site onto the next developer, who will carry no responsibility to uphold Generator’s/MBCs promises?
– MBC have failed to ensure that the open space is sustainably managed and maintained for the future for the benefit of the public – which means that in a few years time they could come back with a demand to build more houses on whatever open space is left.

This site should be protected for leisure use, which is in increasing demand. It is open space to benefit the local community, so it was gifted to the area by Burdett-Coutts, so it should remain.

Once lost it is lost forever!

Mansfield Neighbours Group
(Dartmouth Park Residents CIC)