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DPNF website update

We are in the process of updating the website so that information about the DPNF Plan is easy to access and comment upon.

Over the coming weeks the Forum will be initiating a community engagement programme to ensure that the views of the community are fully represented in the plan.

A huge amount has been achieved by a tenacious group of people who have dedicated time and expertise into making the DPNF Plan a reality.

The next few months will see this work take shape in a policy document that will offer a clear vision for future development in the local area.

About DPNF

The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum  (DPNF) was established in response to the Localism Act that enables local communities to produce Neighbourhood Plans to guide future development and growth in their area.

The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum Area is outlined on this map.

DPNF Boundary Lines

Highgate and Kentish Town have also formed Neighbourhood Forums.

Why has it been set up?

Councils are required to bring forward development sites in their areas within a five year plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan allows the community to express views on the area and steer potential future developments by embedding the Neighbourhood Plan into the local planning system.

It allows the community to define visions, aims and aspirations for their area.

Who is the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum?

The Neighbourhood Forum is for everyone who lives or works in the area.

It needs your support and commentary to ensure that a plan is developed that is truly representative of local community and business aspirations.

The process began at a large public meeting in February 2013 that asked for a committee to be formed of 21 people.  The committee includes residents from many different locations across the area, local business people and representatives from different age groups.  It is fully diverse and non-political.

The DPNF has been organised so that it can run a consultation process as widely and effectively as possible and hopes that you will become fully engaged with this, join in and support the process.

What is the Neighbourhood Forum intending to achieve?

The DPNF main objective is to produce a Neighbourhood Plan based on the consultation feedback. We expect the final consultation period to run over the spring of 2016. We will then prepare a plan to submit to the council and community for a referendum in the summer.

If it is agreed our plan for Dartmouth Park will have statutory planning status.

If you would like to know more about Neighbourhood Forums, download some or all of these documents:

Locality Road Map

Locality Worksheets