Monthly Archives: February 2013

DPNF Launch on 6th February

The Public Meeting on the 6th February 2013 voted by 88 votes to 1 with five abstentions to establish a Neighbourhood Forum for Dartmouth Park. The meeting went on to approve, by similar margins, the constitution and the proposed boundaries. The outgoing steering group explained that the constitution would be kept under review and would take account of comments already made. In response to strongly expressed concerns, they said that the boundary with the Highgate Forum was, for the immediate future, written in stone as it had been approved by the Council. This was probably true also of the boundary with Kentish Town, which was further down the road than we were. The Steering Group had, though, negotiated agreements with both Highgate and Kentish Town for joint working parties to look at areas along these boundaries. The working party agreed with Highgate, which covers Highgate Cemetery and Waterloo Park, is to be convened by DPNF.  Sadly, the Cemetery’s suggestion that the eastern cemetry should fall within the DPNF boundaries had come too late.  The working party with Kentish Town will cover the employment zone to the west of Highgate Road.  It will, of course, be for the incoming committee to ratify the agreements.  Finally, the meeting voted in a seventeen strong Committee (DPNF committee members) and expressed its fulsome thanks to the outgoing Steering Group, particularly its Chair, Patrick French.  Both before and after the meeting people engaged in convivial conversation, partook of light refreshments, studied exhibitions and expressed a general delight in our new civic meeting venue.

To see the presentations made to the meeting click here: Presentation

Locality support

The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum has successfully applied for support for the Forum from Locality. Locality is a largest network of community enterprises in the UK and until the end of March a Locality appointed consultant will be helping us to establish our Forum area and develop the submission of the Forum for approval to Camden Council.  Council and Locality guidance on Neighbourhood Forums can be found at the bottom of About DPNF.