Welcome to the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum

Read the version of the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan that is subject to the local referendum on 6 February 2020 here

Vote Yes for our Neighbourhood Plan 6th February 2020

Polling Stations located Highgate Road Chapel (entrance on Chetwynd Road) NW5 1BU and Highgate Library (Chester Road) N19 5DH.

Polls open 7 am til 10 pm

The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan seeks to ensure that Dartmouth Park is a vibrant neighbourhood with a balanced and diverse community, with thriving local centres and excellent connectivity with the rest of London. While welcoming sustainable development that provides new jobs and needed housing, the Plan seeks to ensure that the area’s village character, rich architectural heritage, attractive green streets, open spaces and natural environment are not only maintained but enhanced.

Everyone who lives or works in Dartmouth Park is automatically a member of the Forum. We would like as many people as possible to join in our activities with the collective aim of enabling the local community to guide future development.

DPNF Plan submitted to Camden January 2019

Following five years of consultation and development with and by members of the local community the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Camden.  The next steps are a formal 6 week consultation by the Council, followed later in the year by an independent examination and local referendum.

Please see links to the Consultation document and appendices below:

DPNF Plan Submission Draft (23.01.19)

DPNF Basic Conditions Statement (23.01.19)

DPNF Basic Conditions Statement v2

DPNP Consultation Statement (23.01.19)

DPNF Consultation Statement v2

Appendix 1 – Walkabout June 13

Appendix 2 street party 13

Appendix 3 Pre-xmas gathering Nov 13

Appendix 4 Engagement Responses by Theme 2014

Appendix 5 makegood lowres

Appendix 6 Murphys ParlyParty 17

Appendix 7 – Reg 14 Comments

Appendix 8 Response to Camden Reg 14 Comments

Appendix 9 Consultation Methodology

First Draft Plan June 2016

Our First Draft Plan was first published at the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum AGM on the 28th June 2016 and can be downloaded here.


The Consultation Draft Plan was launched at the Forum’s AGM on the 25th April 2018 and is available for review and downloaded as a PDF here.

Ellen Gates welcomes everyone to the launch of the Consultation Draft

Ben Castell describes the highlights of the plan

Jacob Wilson, LB Camden, introduces the Kentish Town Planning Framework

A PDF of the evening’s presentation can be downloaded here : 2018 AGM Presentation

The DPNF was established in February 2013 and recognised by Camden Council in September 2013. We are now carrying out a programme of consultation and engagement with residents and organisations in the area, seeking to identify themes and issues to be addressed in the Neighbourhood Plan.

The DPNF Constitution was approved and adopted at a public meeting on the 3rd February 2013 and the committee has been working with community groups, resident’s organisations, individuals and Councillors to make full use of the provisions of the Localism Act.

Whitt Pop Up 1-7

 Finding out about Dartmouth Park

We began by asking people what they thought about our neighbourhood.

Check out our Engagement pages (there’s more information accessible from the dropdown menus) to find out what we and make:good have been asking people about what they liked and what they didn’t like about Dartmouth Park.

Image of Engagement Tools

 Making a Plan

Over a three year period, our Plan groups have analysed and developed the ideas that have filtered through and formulated a draft Neighbourhood Plan. This includes the planning policies envisaged by the Localism legislation but also takes a much more holistic view of the future of our neighbourhood.

Our First Draft Plan was first published at the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum AGM on the 28th June 2016 and can be downloaded here.  We now need your feedback and endorsement to help us through to the next stages of producing the Plan for our neighbourhood.

Following this final consultation period we will formally submit the Draft Plan to Camden Council and, if the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan passes an inspection by an appointed Independent Examiner – and then, a referendum of local voters – it will become part of the Local Authorities’ Local Plans.

This site is a source for news about the area, consultation and a resource for all who are or would like to be involved.

Please take some time to explore the site and come back to see how our ideas are developing.

And do get in touch if you live or work in the area, would like to be an active part of the Forum, have something to add to the plan or want to find out more.

Ben Castell
Chair DPNF