Welcome to the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum

The Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Forum is the custodian of the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan.

The Forum is open to all those who live and work here and to our local Ward Councillors. You just need to sign up to be on our mailing list to be contactable as a Member.

The plan is the 4th in Camden to have been made. It was formally adopted on 2 March 2020 after a referendum in which 87.9% of votes cast were in favour, and a lengthy period of co-creation by Members. 

The new Committee appreciate the vision and fortitude of all those who took part in the process.

Read the version of the Dartmouth Park Neighbourhood Plan that has been adopted here

The Plan seeks to ensure that Dartmouth Park is a vibrant neighbourhood with a balanced and diverse community, with thriving local centres, excellent connectivity with the rest of London and increasing opportunities for pleasant and safe active travel. While welcoming sustainable development that provides new jobs and needed housing, the people of Dartmouth Park wish to ensure that the area’s village character, rich architectural heritage, attractive green streets, open spaces and natural environment are not only maintained but enhanced. 

Everyone who lives or works in Dartmouth Park is automatically a member of the Forum. We would like as many people as possible to join in our activities with the collective aim of enabling the local community to guide future development.

This site is a source for news about the area, consultation and a resource for all who are or would like to be involved.

Please take some time to explore the site and come back to see how our ideas are developing.

And do get in touch if you live or work in the area, would like to be an active part of the Forum, have something to add to the plan or want to find out more.

Maya De Souza
Chair DPNF